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GoLive Training

Adobe Solutions Network Training Providers - Search for a Training Provider

    These highly skilled instructors range from individuals to businesses and educational institutions. One thing they all have in common, however, is sterling qualifications-tested at regular intervals by Adobe, they're sure to have the right answers to all your questions too.

American Graphics Institute - Full Information

    Adobe Systems, Apple Computer and American Graphics Institute have joined together for an ten-city tour across the United States and Canada to provide instruction on how to create web pages and graphics for the internet using Adobe’s suite of web publishing software.

    The tour, entitled "Creating for the Web" is a one-stop seminar teaching dynamic web page design, advanced design techniques and creating graphics optimized for the Web. The first day is Creating Web Graphics, the second day is Creating Web Pages using Adobe GoLive, and the third day covers advanced Web site design and management using Adobe GoLive.

    Attendees may register for one, two or all three sessions. Cost is $199 for one day, $349 for two days or $529 for all three sessions.

Comet Studios - Full Information

    Comet Studios teaches Web Design & Development training and GoLive web authoring to advertising agencies, design firms, corporations, small businesses, and individuals. Private custom tutorials and small group training courses available on location and at Comet Studios in San Francisco. Dianne McKenzie, Executive Producer / Web Architect also teaches GoLive at UCSC, in Cupertino and at The Ojai Digital Art Center with Lynda Weinman. 415.621.3900

GLH-Training - Full Information

    The only training company specializing exclusively in Adobe GoLive and its integration with other applications. Seminars are available in several cities, at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. GLH-Training also offers individual and corporate tutoring, on-site. Visit the GLH-Training web site for more information.

    GLH-Training is an Adobe Certified Training Provider for GoLive 4.0

The Graphic Arts Institute of Northern California - Full Information

    The Graphic Arts Institute offers a "Building Web Pages with Cyberstudio" course. (Look under "Multimedia Courses")

Lynn Grillo - Full Information

    Lynn Grillo is an Adobe Certified Training Provider for GoLive 4.0, offering training in New York City, Philadelphia, and throughout New Jersey. - Full Information

    World renowned Web author and trainer, Lynda Weinman, takes Adobe's Web products on the road in a new seminar series perfect for tire kickers, recent purchasers, PageMill owners looking to upgrade to GoLive, or anyone interested in learning about Adobe's Web solution. offers a 5-Day web design course focusing specifically on Adobe products. The course deals with workflow issues between Photoshop 5.5, ImageReady 2 and GoLive 4 with emphasas on design layout and site management.

Mark Rayner - E-Mail

Mark Rayner is a freelance GoLive trainer in the UK, working through top training centers in London and available for private tuition. His daily rate is £300 + expenses. In the interest of quality, he only teaches a maximum class size of 4 with students of a similar ability.

Omar Kozarsky - Full Information

    Omar Kozarsky is an Adobe Authorized Trainer for GoLive, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Osage Systems Group - Full Information

    Osage Systems Group is a Provisional Adobe Certified Training Provider for Adobe GoLive 4. They offer classes at their Chicago location as well as custom-tailored programs and private tutoring. One of their trainers is also an Adobe Certified Expert in Adobe Photoshop 5 so they offer a two day web design program focused on integrating these two applications.

Santa Fe Workshops - Full Information

    Web Design with Adobe GoLive - May 15th-19th with Lisa Milosevich

    "In this intensive hands-on workshop, illustrators, graphic designers, photographers, multimedia content creators, desktop publishers, and art directors with little or no experience in creating Web pages can get acquainted with the process of Web design with a seasoned pro. The instructor guides you from concept to launch as you plan and build your own Web site, using a variety of software favored by professionals for image editing, optimization, type creation, animation, page creation, and site editing. We begin by learning to approach the site based on content and to ask critical questions. From there we plan Web site structure, content, and images based on the needs of the project. Finally, we master the process of building the site, from gathering images, sound, and animations to determining programming needs. We explore servers, security, Java script, and file transfer protocol (FTP). By week’s end, with an actual site under your belt and a clear understanding of the many tools of Web site design, you are ready to explore on your own—to build a catalog of your favorite images, create a site about alien spacecraft, or assemble a portfolio."

Sterling Ledet & Associates - Full Information

    Sterling Ledet & Associates is an Adobe Authorized Learning Provider with locations in Atlanta, Chicago, and New Orleans. They offer regularly scheduled, 2-day, hands-on classes on Adobe GoLive 4.0.

Technology Transfer Associates, Inc. - Full Information

    Technology Transfer Associates, Inc., has developed and presents an Adobe GoLive seminar series in their Florida training center and in various locations around the country.

    They also present seminars on FileMaker, Quark, Creator2, MacOS Networking and Support, and more. In addition to presenting their own seminars, TTA develops and presents seminars for third parties.

TeleMak Training - Full Information

    At the TeleMak Training Centre in Brussels, Belgium, you can find professional training for GoLive and other multimedia applications.

United Digital Artists - Dates and More Information

    Located in the Citicorp/Apple Market Center in New York City. Also offering GoLive courses in Boston, MA.

    UDA offers two GoLive classes: "GoLive CyberStudio I: Introduction" and "GoLive CyberStudio II: Intermediate". Look under the "Web Tools" section for descriptions of the courses and dates for the New York classes. Boston dates are listed under the "Boston Classes" heading.

Books / CD-ROMs

Adobe GoLive Classroom in a Book - Peachpit Press

    [ listing] - [Barnes and Noble listing]

    "The Adobe GoLive Classroom in a Book will be available mid-June. It will include 8 tutorial-style lessons on topics such as text, page layout, site management, linking, animation, cascading style sheets, frames, and forms."

Adobe GoLive 4 Bible - IDG [Authors: Deborah Shadovitz, Rebecca Tapley]

Adobe GoLive 4 for Macintosh and Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide - Peachpit Press [Author: Shelly Brisbin]

    [ listing]

    Adobe GoLive 4 for Macintosh and Windows is a clear and thorough introduction to Adobe's complex Web authoring application. Although the text skimps on the basics of HTML and the Web, beginners will feel comfortable with its step-by-step approach to GoLive's visually oriented tools and will be able to create Web pages in just a few hours.

Adobe GoLive 4 Productivity Kit - Adobe Press [Author: Adobe Creative Team]

Adobe Photoshop 5.5 Web Design with GoLive 4 - Adobe Press [Author: Michael Baumgardt]

GoLive CyberStudio 3.1 for Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide - Peachpit Press

    GoLive CyberStudio 3 for Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide is the easiest way to learn CyberStudio. Written clearly and packed with screenshots, it quickly takes you right where you need to be, whether you're starting with the basics or diving into the more advanced features.

    Anyone creating or maintaining Web pages with CyberStudio will appreciate the graphics-centric Visual QuickStart Guide format and full coverage of the program. Fully revised and updated by the author of GoLive CyberStudio 2 for Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide.

Learning GoLive 4.0 For the Macintosh, Learning GoLive 4.0 For Windows videotapes -

    Learning GoLive 4.0 with Lynda Weinman is a video-based workshop developed for beginning to intermediate GoLive users. This video walks you through essential features, such as site management, links, colors, tables, layout grid, components, stationary items, JavaScript rollovers, the custom tab, creating external JavaScript, uploading, and much, much more.

Mastering Adobe GoLive 4 - Sybex

Real World GoLive - Peachpit Press [Authors: Jeff Carlson, Glenn Fleishman]

    [ listing]

    Real World Adobe GoLive 4 offers under-the-hood production techniques from two experts in Web design. This in-depth guide to creating Web sites begins with a thorough description of the GoLive interface, explaining the dialogs, palettes, and tools to make them accessible to the beginner. All the methods of using GoLive for page creation, editing, and site management are provided, as well as techniques in getting the most out of the more complex features of the application, such as using the scripting languages, DHTML Actions, or adding CyberObjects to a page.

Short Order GoLive - Hayden [Author: David Portela]

    Note: this book was due to be released December 23, 1999

    Targeted at intermediate and advanced users, Short Order GoLive presents tasks in a step-by-step approach, giving designers quick access to the program's most exciting features.

Virtual Training Company, Inc. - Full Information

    Virtual Training Company, Inc. offers their Free VTC Online University, which has over 12,000 online streaming quicktime movies teaching many applications including GoLive 3 and 4 (about 25 hours on both). They are also featured on the Adobe Site with 12 hours of movies teaching GoLive 4 (

    VTC also offers CDs, priced between $49.95 and $99.95, which contain a complete course on one CD. These movies are the same as the online versions but have higher quality sound and faster frame rates. Their Adobe GoLive 4.0 Training CD is a double CD, and is made up of over 15 hours worth of training, including all the artwork and examples used to create the lessons. A half-price deal is available at the Adobe Site link listed above.

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