Wednesday: August 30, 2000

GoLive News:

Some users have been reporting problems entering their serial numbers when upgrading to GoLive 5.0. The trick is to enter your old serial number first (from Cyberstudio or GoLive 4.0), THEN enter the new serial number for 5.0 at the next request. If you have anything to add to this, please let us know at

MacFixit has a report on GoLive 5 issues on their news page, including typing latency and spell-checking problems. Ed Note: Typing latency seems to be caused by the new source window being open, especially on a second monitor - close it when not using it.

[PR] Web Development Giants Allaire and Adobe Partner to Enable Rapid Creation of Web Applications - Co-development Initiative Integrates Adobe GoLive 5.0 With Allaire ColdFusion for the Rapid Development and Deployment of Robust Applications In a Visual Environment

[PR] Adobe and Blue World to Deliver Integrated Solution for Web Database Publishing - Lasso Studio for Adobe GoLive 5.0 to Significantly Ease the Process of Building Data-Driven Web Sites

[PR] Blue World Announces Extending GoLive Talk Email Discussion Forum - Join up now and get authoring!

[MacCentral] Seybold: Adobe shines spotlight on GoLive

[MacCentral] Seybold: Adobe unveils InScope - Could this finally be the GoLive Web Publishing System? No mention of GoLive support yet though...

[MacWeek] A big day for Adobe - including announcements of:

  • GoLive 5 extension for authoring AvantGo channels

  • Lasso Studio for GoLive

  • GoLive 5 extensions supporting Wireless Markup Language (WML) and i-mode wireless formats

  • WebTrends online visitor-tracking deal

  • GoLive 5 extension - GoCash - for Be Free's affiliate programs

  • GoLive 5 extension - FrontMind - for buying pattern analyzation

Site News:

We've added a GoLive 5 Bug-Track to the Features -> Bug-Tracker menu on the right, including all recently mentioned issues.

We've changed the right-hand menu bars a bit to include more GoLive related content. As always, please let us know what you think of our changes, and any additional suggestions you may have, at

Tip of the day:
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How 'bout a whole bunch? Check out Lynn Grillo's recent GoLive 5 TOTD's at:

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