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Other GoLive Forums

Adobe User-to-User GoLive Forums
- Log On

    In this forum, you and other users have an opportunity to discuss technical issues, tips, and techniques to help you get the most out of Adobe GoLive.

BlueWorld GoLive Talk - Subscribe

    The GoLive Talk List is an email list for discussion on topics related to the GoLive product from Adobe Systems. This list is maintained by Blue World Communications as a service to the GoLive community.

CompuServe Adobe Applications Forum - Log On

    (with CompuServe Software - type "GO ADOBEA")

    The Adobe Applications Forum on CompuServe now has a section devoted to GoLive.

    All messages in the forum are open for viewing by guests, and feature the unique CompuServe threading software that make it easy to see the relationships between messages.

"GLUG" - The informal Italian GoLive Users Group - More Information

    A mailing-list in Italian for GoLive users and webmaster techniques. To subscribe to their mailing list, send an email message to majordomo@godard.etabeta.it with "subscribe glug" in the body of the message.

IRC GoLive Discussion Channels - #golive

    EFNet -
    Using an IRC client (Ircle is the best for Mac), log onto irc.blackened.com and type "/join_/index.html". This is a real-time chat for GoLive issues and support.

    NewNet -
    Using an IRC client (Ircle is the best for Mac), log onto irc.eskimo.com (port 6667) and type "/join_/index.html".

L'atelier De CYB GoLive - Go

    A French site in support of GoLive.

MacNews.de - Subscribe

    MacNews hosts a German Cyberstudio Mailing list for discussion of Cyberstudio and GoLive topics.

RealWorldGolive's Moderated Discussion List - Subscribe

    A moderated e-mail list in support of Adobe GoLive.

Software Too Corporation - Go

    Information pages for Japanese users of GoLive.

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