GoLive 5.0 Bug-Track

Installation Notes:

  • Some users have been reporting problems entering their serial numbers when upgrading to GoLive 5.0.

    FIX: The trick is to enter your old serial number first (from Cyberstudio or GoLive 4.0), THEN enter the new serial number for 5.0 at the next request.


  • Some users have noted latency while typing in the layout window.

    FIX: This seems to be related to the new source code window being open, especially on multiple monitor systems. Close the window when not using it.

  • GoLive crashes when selecting "Spelling" under "Preferences".

    FIX: Probably due to a corrupt preferences file - delete your preferences file to recreate it. This is found in the System -> Preferences -> Adobe GoLive 5.0 Prefs on a Mac, or in the GoLive application folder on a PC.

  • Problems when importing old GoLive 4 sites

    FIX: Re-import your site into a new GoLive 5 site file.

    FIX: From Adobe's John Kranz:

    "I'm working up the technote for the GoLive 5 importing GoLive 4 site problem. It stems from an issue in which the AGL4 site file has become corrupted, but while it continues to run under AGL4 without problem, it chokes when importing into AGL5.

    The proposed solution is:

    (a) if you still have AGL4 installed, please perform a site update operation (click on the checkmark icon in the toolbar), and resave the site file. Then you may proceed to have AGL5 open the AGL4 site file.

    (b) if AGL4 is no longer installed, or problems persist, final resolution involves creating a new site file by selecting "File...New Site->Import from Folder". The technote I will be preparing for posting to will include the add'l steps to make sure you copy over any stationary or component files from the AGL4 site data folder.

    I hope this preliminary information is helpful in the meantime. Our general recommendation to customers will be to create a new site file by importing the site folder.


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