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Dedicated to providing information and solutions for Adobe GoLive Users, GoLive Headquarters consists of daily news, software, forums, training and job listings. Largely user driven, GoLive Headquarters’ goal is to provide developers with a forum to get their questions answered, share their insights and expand their knowledge base.

GoLive Headquarters caters to a niche-market of professional developers - allowing you, the advertiser, to specifically target your advertisements to the people who are most likely to be interested in your product. Please look over our statistics and pricing below for full information.

To contact us or place an ad, please direct your inquiry to any of the following:

    John May - Administrator
    GoLive Headquarters
    2026 East 8th Street
    Davis, CA 95616
    (530) 759-9105

Quick Statistics:

  • Over 26,000 page views per week
  • Over 42,000 "hits" per week
  • Over 275,000 visits to date

Advertising Features:

  • Can be purchased by number of impressions -or- on a per-month basis
  • Separate groups of ads used in "Software" and "Training" sections for targeted advertising
  • Online statistics reporting

Banner Options and Prices:

    Rotational Banners

    Rotational banners are the common banners that most web sites run. Rotational banners are available in three areas for targeted advertising - News, Software and Training - and are rotated with our other sponsor's banners. A new banner will appear each time a page is loaded. These banners are usually sold on a cost-per-thousand-impressions basis.


    • Home Page - $40 per 1000 impressions
    • Software Page - $50 per 1000 impressions
    • Training Page - $50 per 1000 impressions


    • Banner Size: 461 x 60 pixels
    • File Size: 10K or less
    • Animated or non-animated


    Static Banners

    Static banners are not rotated and are permanently placed on our home page in the right side bar for the duration of the account. Static banners are available in 2 sizes, and are usually sold on a monthly display basis. Currently you can expect 5000 to 6000 impressions of your ad per month.


    • Small Banner - $100/month
    • Large Banner - $200/month


    • Banner Size:
      • Small - 88 x 31 pixels
      • Large - 100 x 100 pixels

    • File Size:
      • Small - 5K or less
      • Large - 7K or less

    • Non-animated banners only


      Small: Large:

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