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Friday: September 1, 2000

GoLive News:

From Adobe's John Kranz, concerning problems users have been having when importing GoLive 4.x site files into GoLive 5: (also added to GoLive 5.0 Bug-Track)

"I'm working up the technote for the GoLive 5 importing GoLive 4 site problem. It stems from an issue in which the AGL4 site file has become corrupted, but while it continues to run under AGL4 without problem, it chokes when importing into AGL5.

The proposed solution is:

(a) if you still have AGL4 installed, please perform a site update operation (click on the checkmark icon in the toolbar), and resave the site file. Then you may proceed to have AGL5 open the AGL4 site file.

(b) if AGL4 is no longer installed, or problems persist, final resolution involves creating a new site file by selecting "File...New Site->Import from Folder". The technote I will be preparing for posting to will include the add'l steps to make sure you copy over any stationary or component files from the AGL4 site data folder.

I hope this preliminary information is helpful in the meantime. Our general recommendation to customers will be to create a new site file by importing the site folder.


Rob Keniger has released a GoLive Extend Script titled Action Linker for GoLive 5.0. Action Linker adds two menu items to a menu called "Action Linker" in the special menu to do two things (see the Software section for complete details and download links):

  • Adds a "Convert Empty Reference to #" menus which converts the URL for a currently selected object from (Empty Reference!) to a # character, suitable for binding an action to.

  • Adds a "Create # Link" menu which turns the current selection into a link to "#", suitable for binding an action to. has released a GoLive Extend Script to easily add their hosted search service to any web site. The installer guides you through all the steps, including setting up your free search account. The service is free of charge for sites up to 500 pages. See the Software section for complete info and download links.

Site News:

Along with the new Extend Script listings in today's news, we've added a new Extend Script category to the Software section to delineate between Extend Scripts and Action Plug-Ins.

We've added a GoLive 5 Bug-Track to the Features -> Bug-Tracker menu on the right, including all recently mentioned issues.

We've changed the right-hand menu bars a bit to include more GoLive related content. As always, please let us know what you think of our changes, and any additional suggestions you may have, at

Tip of the day:
[Courtesy Rob Keniger]

Trying to create a new folder in your site, but not at the top level?

Try control-clicking on a folder in your GoLive 5 site window, and choose "New Folder". The new folder will then be created within the folder you selected.

* Don't forget - if you're looking for an answer to a question, try searching all the past Tips of the Day in the "Tips and Tricks Archive" category in the Forums.

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